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Vexar Entertainment was created in 2000 as a promotions Web site by David "VexarDave" Thorn, Vexar Entertainment soon became well known throughout Memphis as a trustworthy and dependable place to promote one's band. Later, Vexar Entertainment teamed up with local band, Bad Apple, and developed into a promotions and booking company.

In 2004 Vexar managed another local band, The Fast Mothers. Content on managing just the one band, Thorn turned down offers from other bands until he saw no reason not to expand Vexar Entertainment and asked other bands that impressed him to join.

In the Fall of 2005, Thorn decided to give back to the community and created the Vexar Entertainment Volunteer Services, which organized Memphis musicians to perform for St. Jude's Target House. These shows have been a success and were featured on Fox 13's "Good Morning Memphis" in December of 2006. Feeling good about the success of these projects, Vexar Entertainment has done more, and new opportunities are always in the works.

In January of 2006, Thorn created "The Vexar Entertainment Hour" which is Memphis' first podcast to showcase unsigned and Indie Rock bands from Memphis and the Midsouth and streams new episodes every Monday at In May of 2006, Thorn also began to host the Local Music News Report which aired Fridays at 6:10PM on WEGR Rock 103. And finally in December of 2006, Thorn started The Vexar Entertainment CD & Stage Review which gives local musicians an alternative source to have their CD's reviewed other than the local publications.

Vexar Entertainment continued strong through 2007, but decided to take a hiatus in 2008 to refocus, reorganize, and decide on a new direction. In 2009 Thorn was approached by childhood friend and attorney, Bryan Huffman, who proposed the idea of turning Vexar Entertainment into an Independent Label. After serious discussion, Thorn and Huffman agreed this was a goal that could be achieved and the next logical step in the progression of Vexar Entertainment. Thorn and Huffman then brought in younger Huffman brother Aaron as Studio Manager to round out their partnership team.